Why Neymar Needs To Return To Barcelona!

Why Neymar Needs To Return To Barcelona!

Why Neymar needs to return to Barcelona!

Neymar left Barcelona to become the star to step out of Leo Messi and stake his claim to be the greatest footballer in the world. But three seasons later, he is further away from his original goal and reportedly desperate for a move back to Barcelona. So where did it all go wrong for Neymar and why he does have to step back to move forward.


First off he did leave to win elsewhere but more importantly, he left to become an amazing individual in his own right. He moved to Barcelona and soon realized that competing with Leo Messi is literally impossible unless you are Cristiano Ronaldo.

messi and neymar

Joining Barcelona at the age of 21 was massive for Neymar. He left to join one of the biggest clubs and the biggest league and play in the world’s biggest matches. In fact, he joined the deadly 309 as MSN alongside Messi and Suarez. They were incredible for a fair few seasons winning absolutely everything there is to win in club Football. But still, Neymar wasn’t exactly in the lineup he hoped. All of this came to boil eventually in the 6-1 defeat of PSG. Neymar’s role was very vital in the greatest comeback of UCL history as he scored 2 goals and provided winning assist. You would have thought that he got man of the match but no! the next day the papers were all about Leo Messi and how the Argentinian literally drove his team to victory, not exactly what Neymar was hoping for.

Neymar PSG-Why Neymar Needs To Return To Barcelona

So the decision was made to leave that summer, the summer of 2017.

There along with Mbappe, they have gone on to show what unbelievable talent they have, but there’s always that tag hangover the head that they only doing it in Ligue 1.

After some years there is a rumor that Neymar wanted to return to Barcelona as there’s been talk of unrest at PSG that he’s not getting along with managers or the sporting director and also apparently he’s texting former Barcelona teammates that he wants to return to the club.

What on Earth went wrong for Neymar in France!


It’s pretty obvious to anyone to see that when he moved to PSG, the team just wasn’t as good. Mbappe and Neymar practically run the show themselves they win absolutely everything there is to win in French football and they completely dominate Ligue 1.

Not good enough for UCL!

crowd with smoke-Why Neymar Needs To Return To Barcelona

The problem is PSG is stuck in some weird position by where they are so good for Ligue 1 but they are not good enough for the Champions League. The star-studded forward of PSG are at least want to have a shot at getting into other top-quality teams in Champions League. All the other players of PSG are good enough to help the stars of this PSG to win Ligue 1 but aren’t good enough to seriously challenge the top-levels teams in the Champions League.

Is Neymar ready to be the star man?

    injure neymar         

I am not saying he is getting injured on purpose but he seems to be shirking a lot of the responsibility when it comes to PSG’s biggest games of the season. Now there is not any doubt he’s got insane brilliance and skill on the pitch. Does he really have the temperament off the pitch to go and be the leader to be the guy that drives PSG to their first-ever Champions League title? A little bit like Messi cannel and things aren’t going so well for Barcelona.

Off the pitch, as mentioned before disagreements with the sporting director, he is fighting with Thomas and apparently there are even squabbles between him and Edison Cavani over who’s gonna take the damn penalties. This is not exactly what you’d expect from someone who’s supposed to be leading a team and wants to be the greatest ever.

Ballon d’Or left Neymar off the last 30!


So much of his off the pitch troubles last season that the ballon d’Or left him off the 30 man nominee list. That has gotta hurt someone who literally stepped away from Barcelona to become the best in the world.

Ballon d'or

Now into Shadow of Mbappe!

The problem is for now that well basically he’s super talented and he’s even the third-best player behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi but he’s almost in danger of forming into another person shadow, and that is Killian Mbappe of PSG. Somebody transfer rumor recently has said that both of them believe in the club, both Barca and Real Madrid have been touted as potential destinations but its loos like that Ramage’s certainly would have earmarked Mbappe over Neymar and PSG when asked if they want to keep one it looks like they would rather keep Mbappe instead of Neymar. Literally he moved out of Messi shadow and straight into Mbappe’s just two or three years later.

Will Neymar fit in Barcelona!

So let’s say he finally gets his way and he does get that dream return to Barcelona. Would they actually fit in and do they actually need him. The short answer is yes!

barcelona suqad

Barcelona clearly in a transition phase and even with the new exciting young stars like Anson Fatty and Frankie, bosses still have a load of players who are probably coming towards the end of their career and they’ve also got few players who have failed to adequately replace the legend such as Xavi and Iniesta, of course, that’s not exactly an easy task but you would expect Barcelona to be able to either create or attract and buy those type of top talents. The multi-million pounds signings like Dembele, Continue and Griezman has really felled up to live to expectations.

Neymar will be the main man after Messi!

There’s still Leo Messi doing Leo Messi things but even the boss of order admitted that they are planning for life without their superstar. As mentioned Neymar isn’t Messi and he won’t be like Messi but what he can do is hopefully bring enough skills on the pitch which attracts other players and brings the good feeling of football back to Barcelona.

He won’t able to do this by all himself but Barcelona a have a better team and can build a better team than PSG ever could so Neymar Needs To Return To Barcelona!

The other thing with Barcelona is that their history is so great and it seems no matter how poorly they do in La Liga and probably make it to the semi-finals of Champions League at least.

So these were the main reasons Why Neymar Needs To Return To Barcelona! and be the main guy at the club, after all, he is 28 years old and at the peak of his career.  Being back at Barcelona gives Neymar the exposure, the challenge, and the platform to establish himself as one of the world’s best and regain their European Crown.

Neymar times need to be now because he’s kind of in his own generation whereas he’s a few years younger than the likes of Messi and Ronaldo and the younger players like Mbappe soon going to rule the world or become even better than him.

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