Top 5 Mid Fielders In The World

Top 5 Mid Fielders In The World

Ranked! Best 5 Midfielders in the world 2020.

Midfielders are the center of the ground, the engine of the train, and the place where it all happens. It is a famous saying that the teams who have better midfielders are used to be better teams than the ordinary one.  This raises the all-important question, who are the top 5 midfielders in the word right?

Let’s crack the code of the top 5 midfielders in the world 2020.


5: Paul Pogba (Man Utd)

Age: 26

Nation: France

paul pogba-Top 5 Mid Fielders In The World


Paul Pogba is an extremely talented footballer.  His majestic passing, dribbling, and body strength make him stand out.

When he was playing for Juventus, he was the main man in the team. He developed himself as the best midfielder in the world. During his stay at Juventus, the team goes on to win 4 consecutive league titles.

In 2016 he moved to Manchester United for a record-breaking £89 million. It was very obvious that expectations were very high and he often lived up to them. His consistently impressive display for France in which they won World Cup wins him the spot in the top 5 midfielders of 2020.

4: Luka Modric (Real Madrid)

Age: 34

Luka modric


His extraordinary year of 2018 was a dream that came true for any footballer in the world. He broke the decade long streak of Ronaldo and Messi for winning the ballon d’Or. He was the captain of the Croatia side which makes the final of FIFA WC 2018.

For Real Madrid he always gives his best. His contribution to winning the Champions League thrice in 3 years was very vital and impactful. His ability to find the player on the pitch makes him different than others.

3. Toni Kroos (Real Madrid)

Age: 29

Nation: Germany

3. Toni Kroos (Real Madrid)


If I had to pick one midfielder who represents the composure well, Toni Kroos will be my choice. There are few players who give the ball away less than Toni Kroos.

Casemiro another top-notch midfielder says “Real Madrid matches always go in Kroos rhythm, if Toni wants to play slowly, we play slowly. If he wants us to play quicker, we play quicker. We play in Kroos’ way,”

He is also the most important player on the German side. He was the main man in the last world cup. His eye for the right pass to the right player makes him the best in the world.

2.Frenkie de Jong (Barcelona)

Age: 22

Nation: Netherland

2.Frenkie de Jong (Barcelona)-Top 5 Mid Fielders In The World


The 22-year-old made his name at the Ajax club where they came up very surprises with their young team. He was the most skill full player on the pitch for Ajax. He is very young and energetic.

Last year Barcelona sign the youngster as he is expected to fill the space left by Xavi and Iniesta. His ability to break the opposition attack and the reaction to counter-attack wins him the spot in our list of best midfielders.

1. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

Age: 28

Nation: Belgium

1. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)- Top 5 Mid Fielders In The World

Kevin De Bruyne is the best midfielder in the world at the moment. The Belgian sensation has been magnificent for several years now and is now the complete package. It’s not just his passing ability that makes him stand out, his crossing is ridiculously good too.

In 2017-18 football season he was pivotal in club’s role for breaking the 100 points barrier. In world cup 2018 he was the most complete player alongside Hazard.

Euro 2020 would be the last chance for the golden generation of Belgium to win any major title and the role of star midfielder will be the most vital in winning the Euro Cup.

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