Cristiano Ronaldo Hot Girlfriends

Cristiano Ronaldo Hot Girlfriends

Cristiano Ronaldo hot girlfriends he dated

The Portuguese international who had played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and now representing Juventus is one of the best players in the history of football. This superstar has been in limelight for his achievements in football but on a litter note, his list of girlfriends is one of many reasons. This charismatic superstar has many female fans over the globe, it is because of his good looks, trending hairstyles, amazing skills on the field, and muscle mass body.

Till now the poster boy of football has dated some of the most beautiful, hot, and sexy models. Many times he has got the media attention on and off the field with the list of his GFs news.


Here is the list of Cristiano Ronaldo Hot Girlfriends.


1. Jordana Jordal :

Jordana Jordal - Cristiano Ronaldo Hot Girlfriends


The sister of his Sporting club teammate, Jordana Jordal is one of the first notable girlfriends. They were in a relationship in 2003. what her brother had said about them is still not known.

2.Merche Romero :


9 years younger to her, Ronaldo dated his 2nd girlfriend Merche Romero who was also a model and came in several movies. They dated each other from January 2005 to September 2006.

She revealed about their break up on Portuguese national television back in 2006.


3. Nereida Gallardo :

Neredia Gallardo - Cristiano Ronaldo Hot Girlfriends


They were in a love affair when Ronaldo was in MU and recently won his 1st Champions league with the red devils. The love couple was seen at many destinations together. Later on, they broke up and the reason was the past of Gallardo which frustrated Ronaldo and her relationship with his mother was not good.


4. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian- Cristiano Ronaldo Hot Girlfriends



it’s necessary to mention that Ronaldo was also rumored to have an association with Kim Kardashian who does not need any introduction. in his Real Madrid days Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian Relationship steal the limelight of the media as both the celebrities were deeply in love at that moment. But later on, the popular American Tv Presenter Rubbished off the claims about their affair.


5. Irina Shayk :

Irina Shayk


Perhaps the most prolonged relationship that Ronaldo had in his life was with the Russian model Irina Shayk. They dated each other from 2010 to 2015. People even thought that the two would get married. But, they broke up in 2015. she said that Cristiano Ronaldo cheats on her and made her feel Ugly and Insecure and this does not come well out of the relationship, and he used to flirt with other girls when she was around him.


6. Georgina Rodriguez:

Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez is the current Girlfriend of Ronaldo. Ronaldo and Georgina were first seen together in public in 2016. Georgina Rodriguez whom an Argentine-born Spanish model and both of them are dating each other for a long period. Some rumors are lurking in the air is that soon Georgina Rodriguez will tie a knot with the superstar and will become Georgia Cristiano Ronaldo. We can only hope that Cristiano Ronaldo soon becomes a proper family man.



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