3 Cricket Records Unlikely To Be Broken Anytime Soon

3 Cricket Records Unlikely To Be Broken Anytime Soon

3 Cricket Records Unlikely To Be Broken Anytime Soon

Cricket is a game of numbers and we cricket fans are so much overwhelmed by the number game. We love to see big team totals, the highest individual scores, best bowling figures, and a lot of more kinds of numbers on the big screen.

Records are meant to be broken, But there are some records in the cricket that are unlikely to be broken anytime soon by any player or any team in the world cricket. We have explored 3 Cricket Records Unlikely To Be Broken Anytime Soon.

Here goes,

1: Muttiah Muralitharan’s 800 Test wickets

Muralitharan Happy

An incredible achievement that could very well never be broken. The Sri-Lankan spin wizard has taken 800 test wickets in only 133-Test match career.

Why unlikely to be broken:

Nathon Lyon and Ravi Ashwin are the current leading wicket-takers by the spinner that are 390 and 365 respectively. They are also nearing to the ends of their career soon.  So anyone who think the 800 test wicket record can be broken than Good luck to you.

2: Most Test matches: Sachin Tendulkar (200)

sachin tendulkar going

Nowadays the current cricketers are preferring shorter format of cricket instead of Test cricket. Sachin has played 200 Test matches and this record is very unlikely to be broken anytime soon.

Why Unlikely to be broken:

Among current players, James Anderson has played the most test matches 149. After him, Stuart Board is on the list with 132 test matches. They both are nearing their retirement so this will not be possible for them to play at least 3 to 4 years more.

In batsmen, Virat Kohli and Steve Smith are leading test players and have played the most Test matches that are 86 and 73 matches respectively. For them to reach the 200 test milestone they have to play another decade and that is very unlikely with the amount of workload nowadays. So this record is not going anywhere

3: Brian Lara’s highest scores: 400* and 501*

Brian Lara

Indeed one of the greatest players to play the game ever. When you think of the name swagger this player comes to mind. His individual test score of 400*(2004) and the First-class score of 501*(1994) are still standing tall.

Why Unlikely to be broken:

The retired Mahela Jayawardena  (374), Chris Gayle (333), and Michael Clarke’s (329) are the nearest scores to Lara’s 400 in test cricket. With a lot of T20 cricket around the world, batsmen are struggling to convert 50’s to 100’s with a lack of temperament. The likes of Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, and Babar Azam can only hope to get close to Lara’s 400 which will take a lot of effort.

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