7 Ideas To Make Friends And Influence People

7 Ideas To Make Friends And Influence People

7 Ideas To Make Friends And Influence People:

We want to be popular in our friend’s circle. Every person wants to influence people and make new friends. Here we will discuss 7 Ideas to make friends and influence people. These are simple tricks you need to follow.


Encourage Others To Talk About Themselves:

People always like to talk about themselves. Let them share their feelings and views. Listen carefully with their thoughts and take an interest in the conversation.

Eventually, people will like you and began to trust you. If you want people to like you let them talk about themselves.


Don’t resist people:

Don’t resist people and don’t contradict instantly. If you contradict their ideas and thoughts then you will put yourself in the argument.

So, it’s better to agree with other first to put an argument down and then share your idea. First agree to others and then talk about your concern.


Talk in terms of other person interest:

This is a fundamental principle of marketing. Talk in terms of other personal interests, not yours. Always ask yourself what other people want.

Believe me, this is such an amazing strategy to impress other people.

Once you find the interest in person then start talking about that. This way you can influence other people.


Make Other People Feel Important:

Don’t try to create your impression forcefully. The presence of other people makes them feel unique and important.

This could be done by talking about their life and other things. Don’t over try to make your impression.

Don’t always talk about yourself. If you always talk about yourself then you are not going to get the attention of any person.

If you want to be important for others then you must make them feel important.


Ask Questions:

Stop giving orders and start asking questions. Why is it important?

If you observe if you give order to any person you are just imposing you’re of point of view. Instead of imposing your point of view, you must ask for others.

More importantly, this will make them feel important and this will save their pride.


Use Encouragement:

Encourage other people. Appreciate them and make them feel good whenever they do present their ideas.

If anybody commits any mistake then you should not bash upon them instantly. You must appreciate what they have done well then point out their mistake in a soft and gentle way.


Like others:

How to make others like you? This is a very important question and its answer is simple.

If you want people to like you then you should genuinely like them. If you like other people then you can inspire them and make them feel good.

You can not make friends if you don’t like them. If you don’t like them then how you can make them your friends.

A person will see through you if you don’t like them so don’t try to fake it and genuinely like them.


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