5 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan

5 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan

What are you guys going to do when this quarantine will eventually end? Summer vacations are approaching and everyone is tired of staying at home. Here is the list of 5 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan that you guys should visit this summer. Pakistan is enriched with a lot of breathtaking locations which will make you surprise.

1. Shangrila Resort: Skardu

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Skardu the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, is an epitome of beauty, serenity, and wilderness.

After crossing Jaglot on the Karakoram Highway, a slim road takes you to Skardu. After 7 hours of journey, you will be welcomed with several lakes, springs, and the love of the local people.

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After passing the wooden bridge constructed over the River Indus, you will reach Shangrila, a paradise on this planet for tourists. It is a popular tourist spot in Skardu, which is about half an hour away via road.

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A restaurant in the Shangrila rest house is the identity of this place, which is designed in the shape of an aircraft.

5 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan


2. Deosai Plains

Deosai is situated at the boundary of the Karakoram and the Himalayas, it is 4000 meters above sea level. It is covered with snow for 8 months. The rest of 4 months, it grows a range of colorful flowers, but not even a single tree is found here. It is spread over more than 3000 square Km.

Deosai Plains-5 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan

Sheosar lake is also part of Deosai plains. This is one of the highest lakes all over the world. The clean blue water, with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop, and greenish wildflowers offer such a beautiful view in summers.

Deosai Plains 2-5 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan


3. Rama Meadow

Just 11 kilometers from Astore, is a beautiful plain called Rama Meadow.

Rama Meadow 2

If you ever want to find yourself in plain, cold and milk-like water flowing in lakes, sheep and cows grazing, pine trees, Chongra’s ice snow-capped peaks in the background and Nanga Parbat is in view, then you are in Rama Meadow.

Rama Meadow-5 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan


4. Ghanche District, Gilgit–Baltistan

Out of 5 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan, 4th one is Ghanche District, Gilgit–Baltistan. It is in the east most side of Gilgit Baltistan, Ghanche is popular among tourists for its beautiful scenery and highest landscapes. Its capital is Khaplu. This place is the coldest region in Pakistan also called the “3rd Pole” with temperature below -20 °C in the winters.

Ghanche District, Gilgit–Baltistan

The Yabgu family conquered Khaplu and ruled this place for 700 years. The fort-like-palace has is now converted into Serena Hotel. In this settlement just beside River Shyok, there is an ancient mosque. The silence in this mosque is highly peaceful if you spend a few moments there.

Ghanche District, Gilgit–Baltistan 2-5 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan


5. Naltar valley

Naltar valley 3-

Naltar is popular for its colorful streams, it is found at a drive of 2 hours from Gilgit. The world’s yummiest potatoes are grown here.

5 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan

Overwhelmed with pine trees, this valley doesn’t seem to be a part of this world. There are five lakes in the Naltar valley named Satrangi Lake, Bodo Lake, Green Lake Halima, Lake &Blue Lakes at a distance of 13 kilometers (8 mi) from Naltar Bala.

5 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan

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