Top Industries Affected By Corona

Top Industries Affected By Corona

Coronavirus affected many industries. The whole world is going through an economic crisis. But for some industries, it proved a nightmare. They are in such a loss that they need a lot of time to recover. Top Industries Affected By Corona are


Top Industries Affected By Corona

Corona Impact On Travel Industry
Due to coronavirus a lot of international flights canceled. Not only international flights, but local flights also affected by the pandemic. It is expected that alone US and Canada airlines could suffer a loss of $21 billion.

The worldwide industry could see a loss of $113 billion. According to CAPA- center for Aviation most of the airlines likely go bankrupt by the end of May 2020. Most of the airlines in the world are forcing their staff to go on unpaid leave. Many airlines are asking their government for the no-interest loan.

Park Lane Hotel photo-Top Industries Affected By Corona

In the first week of March, there was a decline in customers by 11.6%. On tourist spots hotels are empty and workers are jobless. The hotel industry could lose around 4 million jobs due to coronavirus.

Movie Theaters:

empty movie theater

Because of social distancing movies, theaters have no choice but to shut down. In the USA the box office earning was just $54 million in the second week of March.

Many movie releases are pushed forward. Like “Mulan” “A quiet place 2” “Fast 9” and  James bond film “ No time to die” are not releasing on their release date. About 25000 employees lost their jobs during this time.


stadium Picture-Top Industries Affected By Corona

According to an estimate, because of the corona impact on sports,  the overall loss to this industry is $ 50 billion.

Many leagues including NBA postponed. Alone NBA is likely to face a loss of $350-450 million. The French league is canceled and many other football leagues are postponed. So this Virus affected the sports industry pretty badly. Many people are unemployed but many NBA star players and franchises are putting millions of dollars to pay arena workers. All of these industries are the Top Industries Affected By Corona Virus.

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