How To Achieve Your Goals?

How To Achieve Your Goals?

How To Achieve Your Goals?

Everybody wants to be rich but there are many factors affecting it. Here we will answer this question that how to become rich and what factors affect this. These factors are basically inspired by the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon hill. We will thoroughly explain How To Achieve Your Goals?

Your brain has basically two parts conscious and sub- Conscious.

Your sub- subconscious part defines your personality. What you feed to your sub- Conscious mind that will affect your personality in reality.

So, it is very important to program your mind to become the best version of yourself. Here are some techniques


We must have a definite purpose:

You must have a clear Goal. The clearer the purpose, the easier it is to get there. Only when our purpose is clear then we can make it into reality.

If you don’t define your goal then you can not achieve your goal.


The power of Auto-suggestion:

Autosuggestion is the commands you give to yourself. Once you make a decision it is important to

Repeat that command to your sub- Conscious mind over and over.

So, you keep on repeating these commands to your mind and feed it with good commands that make your purpose clear.


Use the power of emotions:

It is not enough to think about your goals and keep them repeating. You must connect those thoughts to your emotions.

The emotions you want to feel when your goal will be accomplished. Sub- Conscious mind only understands the language of emotions.

So, thoughts without emotions are useless. You must be able to feel what it looks like to be successful.



In order to program our sub- Conscious mind you must feel as if the goal is already accomplished.

How would you feel when you accomplished your goal.

What will be your emotions and what thoughts will be in your mind after accomplishing your goal?


Persistence and Repetition:

Everlasting persistence in thoughts, mixed with Emotions, mixed with faith.  We must consistently persist and repeat these thoughts over and over again.

We must feed our mind and there is no end to it.


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